Leicester Helicopter Crash,raised a link Suspicion,which might associated with large Seizure of US$2Billion Commodities.

The recent Leicester City FC Helicopter Crash where Thai Billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha with other Asians were involved,raised some other non football Business links’ Suspicion,which might associated with some large Seizure of US$2Billion Commodities,which some Thais suffered huge Lost with some other Asian Rice/Food import/export Merchants.

As to avoid the perceived pending dire deadly Consequences or other associated revenged Dilemma, some Experts were not ruling out some counter-attack Programs of tactical Elimination of some Keyed Asian Businessmen, as to weaken their confronting Claimant Abilities that might face Gen. Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family led Extremist Fulani Hegemony in secret connivance with the British Imperialist led Extremist Conservatives.

The Sacked Nigeria DSS Director-General Lawal Daura and unconfirmed Report of seizure of Foreign Bank account valued US$30Billion,30Million PVC Voter’s Cards, Pick van quantity of seized Houses/Lands Documents and some unverified Seizure of some Nigerian Banks Accounts valued N460Billion Naria,which controlled by Lawal Daura,which were believed to remitted,as Bargain or Seizure of some accused People and were remitted without Nigeria Court Ganesha Order of Mandamus

Unless General Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony quickly secretly settle the Asian Rice/food Merchants.

The Nigeria looming Hunger/Food Scarcity, unless General Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony quickly secretly settle the Asian Rice/food Merchants whose goods were given to mostly Igbo & other Nigerians,but were obnoxiously seized by the Fulani Extremists controlled Nigeria Customs on the order of Nigeria Core North Extremist President Muhammadu Buhari, who thought erroneously that these smuggled goods were owed by mostly Igbo or other common Nigerians,which were not,but there were on credit,based on their past Trust.

Both Buhari & Hameed families with Fulani Caliphate to use whatever ways and means as to reach out those Asian Ex- Baron Rice/Food Merchants,as to avoid the perceived pending dire deadly Consequences or other associated revenged Dilemma and no group can fold their hands and watch their hard earned Resources,which run to more than 350,000 Rice Bags with other food items totaled more than US$1Billion Shipments,which have been ruined by the so called extremist Fulani leader of the so called quasi failed State Nigeria.

The world and gullible Nigerians are unaware of this seized Rice/food Crisis with its dangerous Consequences on both families or what it could meant for other helpless Nigerians who could cut to pay for this political Rice/food Seizure Atrocity. These Rice/Food Merchants are mostly Thai,Singaporean Chinese,Malaysian Chinese and Indians’ Ex-Baron Merchants who earned their wealth through hard illegal Trade in past and they cannot fold their hands and watch their hard earned wealth,to be ruined or wash away by the Nigeria internal political Fulani suppressing Agenda,which is tactically meant to weaken Nigerians for their ease Fulani Rule.

The General Buhari’s family & Col. Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony’s failure or inability to address these seized goods issues promptly,with their desired settlement fund, could trigger a dangerous phenomenon or even terror on all who are helpless on this Buhari created ugly Situation and further it could lead to food shortage/Scarcity, as export/import Credits which were badly damaged by the Buhari despotic Act.

Also, if Queen Elizabeth II with its Imperialists want to shade Buhari or to be involved in this secret Asians’ Fund Recovery struggle with the General Buhari’s family & Col. Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony on their wealth recovery attempt, thinking that it will go the way with the usual Igbo method,as this,will backfire with some terror consequences on anybody or any group who want obstruct their Asian Attempt to recover their Asian ruined food Merchants’ wealth.

Analytically Buhari is a extreme Fulani Patriot, not a Nigerian Patriot and that is why Nigeria with its vast human and mineral resources can never develop as desired & destined.

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