the US Geo-Racial Origins’ Classification information, are statistically to certify US Public with the Prerequisite US Racial Descendant Origins. Edited

The US Geo-Racial Origin composite as follows: the US Geo-Racial Origins’ Classification information, are statistically to certify US Public with the Prerequisite US Racial Descendant Origins.

1a. US Core-White Extremist Conservative Americans who formerly originated from England, Iceland, Scandinavian Countries, from Poland towards Moscow Russia territories, Germany, Austria, Czech, Hungry. Swiss, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Northern France, Northern Italy.

1b. US Core-White Moderate people who originate from: Irish, Scottish, Walsh & other moderate European White Minorities.

2. US Non-Core-White People who originate from: southern France, Southern Italy, Non-White Russian former Soviet Bloc States, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta, Mediterranean Non-Core-white Europeans.

3. US Black People who originate from Africa, Non-African Blacks from India, Oceanic/Pacific Islands, Asian/Papua New Guinea.

4. US Colored People who originate from Mexico to Argentina Territories.

6. US Chinese people who originate from China.

7. US Japanese people who originate from Japan.

8. US Korean people who originate from Korea.

9. US Malay, Philippines, Indonesian people who originate from Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.

10.American Indians who originates from Native Red Indians.

11. US Fijians, Amerindians & Caribbean people who originate from Fiji/Hawaii & Caribbean Islands.

12. US Australian/New Zealand Aborigine people who originate from Australian Native Aborigines & New Zealand Native Aborigines with lesser Papua guinea Native Aborigines.

Presumably, 20% to 30% Trump/KKK top Members led Core-White Extremist Conservatives used its controlled US political/Economic Stakeholders to coarse & impress US population Majority and hold US top vital Posts.

Trump with past hindsight of KKK/Core-White modus operandum & as a top Beneficiary, recently engaged various US State Securities in dirty in-house fighting, manipulating its independent operational Rules to favour him/his colleagues and coarse them as to toe Trump chartered ways & means.

Imperatively, moderate Republicans with Democrats should jointly forge democratic ways and means to guide US State from Trump political Onslaught and to minimize the US lost, and to create oversea political channels to meet & dialogue with Oversea Governments and bilateral Institutions.

The US Billionaire Trump with his vast businesses should have huge communication/transactions’ Data with various US Securities, but the World is at shock that US State Se3curites could not easily expose or provide the US Public/the World with Trump secret Russia Associations, which is assumed to be with them, rather than US Congress to engage and have to appoint Robert Mueller Trump Russia investigation as to uncover the Trump Secret Association with Russia, before Trump/Group dealing with Russia, could be exposed and to provide Public with prerequisite Evidences.

These stated US Geo-Racial Origins’ Classification information, are statistically to certify US Public with the Prerequisite US Racial Descendant Origins and put to rest some Generational false US Racial Population & Extremist propagated Voters’ Victory Claim, usually associated with some powerful US interest Groups against the non knowledgeable gullible Majority US people and to denounce so called Trump smart People with its US Racial major Data with its dominating Claim, which assisted the smart people in the US to actualize electoral victory through the chartered CIA/FBI maneuvered US Presidential Election’s Victory and secure themselves US top Post Allocation/Other Race Suppression.

US/Mexico boundary Temporary Border’s Walls were built, as to temporarily fervent cross-Border Crimes, but it becomes imperative that the US want to permanent Boundary Border’s Walls, a US/Mexico Boundary Survey Border’s Commission have to be initiated, as to legally define legal surveyed Bordering line for building of legitimate Permanent Walls, any contrary to this, lead US and Mexico to Bordering Walls litigation and Court.

Before US/Mexico Border’s Walls building, US appropriate Dept. or Agency have to advise Trump rightly, before plunging the US to unwarranted legal Encumbrance.

The US should avoid being seen as a hostile neighbour, which can pave Opportunities for Iran, Russia & China to engage and to woo Mexico into bilateral industrialization along the US-Mexico Border.

Those CIA/FBI shrewd business People who were involved in double agent deals as being fronted, ended up leaking & exposing West/US Russian Agents in Russia to Putin for financial Gains or large monetary businesses and that is why so many western/US democratic processes/programs failed to operate as designed, with those Russians & processes/programs with some western/US-sponsored NGO/individuals that associated with western/US democratic processes,ideas & programs were leaked & exposed to the Russia President Vladimir Putin.

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