Igbo Community have to task its Rich/Prominent as to donate licensed Arm for their Communal Self Defense.

British Majesty via Her British Crony Imperialists with its Western Exploitative Collaborators led Fulani to tactically loot,ruin & unleash Mayhem on helpless Nigerians,but now each Igbo Community have to task its Rich/Prominent as to donate licensed Arm for their Communal Self Defense.

Igbo People with other concerned improvised weak Nigerian Communities must not allow this Power drunk devilish barbaric Fulani to use their illegal trained and well equipped Army as Herdsmen illegal Army ,as to brutalize quiet peaceful rural Nigerian communities, as they have done in Uzo Uwani Enugu State.

Also, there is other Fulani strategic Design being carried out by the States’ Authority as to weaken Igbos,since Igbos are regarded as being Stubborn people and to avoid other Nigerians copying its Igbo Resilience.

The local Authority imposition of obnoxious levies/fees,hostility and imposing crude regulatory laws on helpless surviving Igbos in non Igbo Nigerian Cities, which is tantamount to committing Atrocity against Igbo.

For Poverty, Hunger, failed infrastructures as to weaken Nigeria,Gay dehumanization imposition as to disgrace Elite,Fulani imposing their stooge as elected Representatives on Nigeria as to enhance false Representation & mis-governance for continual Nigeria underdevelopment and to further looting,siphoning and with the force,Caliphate Alimony were collected,which are remitted to the various Secret Arewa Oversea Accounts,being managed by her majesty led British Imperialists with its ally western exploitative Collaborators.

Now, we leave our Hope on Almighty God can man handle those who have treated helpless Nigerians as mere Subjects not Citizens who have with no Right & welfare and God must cause those who have perpetuated these Evil,Hunger,Under-developments,crisis and looting Treasury,which have caused Nigeria State infrastructures’ failure and which made Nigeria to stand as quasi failed State,with forth Generation Cause to be placed,upon their offspring as contained in the African Religion,Bible & Quran.

Since, wealthy Igbos, prominent Igbos, Elected Igbo Politicians, Oversea Based Igbos,ChieftaincyTitle Holders,must be asked and required to donate some State licensed double barrel Guns, to be licensed by Igbo Governors and Igbo State Governors,Senators,Federal/State Representatives must be asked to donate some Licensed Guns to their various Communities within the their elected Areas. The quantity of Arm donation,to be determined & assessed on each person’s personal valuation by the concerned Community.

The aftermath of these Mayhem, some engagement Discussion by the Fulani empowered Cronies or its wealthy Stooges as to distract Public with their usual aged unnecessary noisy dialogues or News conference outburst,which Fulani used to showcase that Fulani Hegemony is above board, lawless and fear nobody or group & to cow the affected Communities/Tribe.

Please, to avoid any initiation of toothless peaceful Settlement Committee,which is not a peaceful resolution result oriented Agenda,but a Fulani decoy to calm situation down and to distract Public from arming themselves for future Mayhem Re-occurrence.






Mazi Patrick,
Thinker, Writer, Historian & Psychoanalyst.


About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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