Ex President Goodluck Jonathan’s lack of knowledge & improper understanding of the Core North political Dynamics with its imposition of bankrupt political Class like President Buhari.

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s lack of knowledge & improper understanding of the Core North political Dynamics with its imposition of bankrupt political Class, which were mostly Core North’s Cronies who could be easily manipulated or subjugated to carry out or act any imposed political Script or Directive.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s past political acts/displays and basic perception, with his non strategic moves and his deep political association with Core North nurtured bankrupt political Class, have defined & exhibited his ignorance with his non mindful of Nigeria past political History and its Sundries.

It is sad, pitiable & unbelievable that President Goodluck Jonathan with mostly Southern Politicians with Politicians from Nigerian Minorities perceived & believed that President Goodluck Jonathan’s bankrupt political Supporters are fighting Core North for President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2nd Term Mandate, while the actual fact is that IBB has seized Presidency with fraction of PDP to be fighting the Core North political Class and its
political machineries with its emirate council, since IBB couldn’t cow or intimidate Core North with his violent imposed Boko Haram tactics.

Since, Nature deals with Karma, the Core North that nurtured IBB and used IBB  as destructive Cabal to intimidate, cow, manipulate, control, loot & ruin Nigeria, but now the people or  Core North who used IBB,is being ruined by IBB as Karma.

I was laughing when the ex-VP Atiku who was in painful &remorseful mood while delivering speech to a PDP Parallel Convention, as a Deceiver who would be a President by honestly following Obasanjo, was deceived by a grandmaster Deceiver IBB.

The complex political intrigue & Dynamics being played out,has nothing to with an ignorant President Goodluck Jonathan or bankrupt Southern political Class,as Core North is confronting its created evil genius and after a credible Northern Candidate could elude Nigeria, if the Nigeria is allowed to concentrate on how PDP could nominate honest & trusted moderate educated Academician  who can lead with integrity and hard work as to develop Nigeria without the usual IBB imposed politicians & failed Technocrats whom
IBB  usually used to ruin Nigeria through his organized  looting and miss-governance.

Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim
Thinker/Writer,Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for
Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade


About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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