German Airbus Germanwings plane crash

German Airbus Germanwings plane crash, might be a Terrorist Attack carried out with high technicality and well planned by the ISIS Islamic Terrorists,which they have taken against Europe/West as to surprise and display what they can do if chanced.

The Attack might be short range Missile shot bya hand carrier Missile Launcher at top of French Alps, as the range at French Alps is much closer and it is advisable for Plane to avoid Mountainous area or all mountains must be guarded by EU Security or  EU surveillance  as to avoid re-occurrence.

The argument of Pilot locking itself in toilet,is dismiss-able,as it is only a Terrorist attack could hijack and lock the pilot in toilet as to move the plane nearer to the ALP mountain as get closer to missile when shot.

Mazi Patrick,


About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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