The School Girls abduction,a prelude to abduct Top Nigerians,important Foreigners & later to abduct President

The School Girls abduction,a prelude to abduct Top  Nigerians,important Foreigners & later to abduct President,since Boko Haram Terror have failed to intimidate & control the Northern Political Machine,upon which IBB is hoping to bequeath to his Sons as to control his vast looted Treasury and to protect his vast interest,and to guide & protect his family from whom he has hurt.
Foreigners assisting Nigeria for Terror Fight,to be very careful as not to be abducted too. and used for ransom negotiation and bargain strategy.
President Jonathan Goodluck’s ignorance and his closest to IBB,have paved way strategically for Iranian inspired destructive IBB with his Core North Extremists to plant his trusted Cronies into various Nigerian strategic security Positions which have now undermined Nigeria ability to render required security and to weaken Nigeria,which can lead Nigeria to become a weak or semi failed State,which can enhance IBB  ability to control his vast looted Resources and protect his business empire.
Mazi Patrick,
Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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