US Authority strategically probing, cautioning or sanctioning or forestalling erring JP Morgan Chase with other notable US big Firms

US Authority strategically probing, cautioning or sanctioning or forestalling erring JP Morgan Chase with other notable US big Firms that might been involved some large scale businesses in China,is tactically in right direction, which serves as proactive/preventive &Preempt measures as to prevent any false corrupt attempt to incriminate and to act against any Chinese exploitative Communist Corrupt indictment Agenda of trapping some western Executives into their Chinese Communist perfect Set up Corrupt Trap or into any quality manipulation Trap.

The planned Set up collaboration with the Top Chinese Communist Secret Members or their Cronies or Offspring,as planted Chinese Executives as to connive or to lure some US/Western Executives into the set up Trap, before the Chinese planted Chinese Executives of the Chinese Communist Ruling Oligarchy could burst the secretly planned Corrupt or quality manipulation Trap & open their Corrupt or quality manipulation involvement,while arrested as to indict the involved US/Western Executives.

This is serially be monitored, programmed and approve which western Firm to be exposed,as the involved Firm to be nationalized or to coarse substantial Stakes’ ownership.

US/West should be informed that well Iranian thought out program/script as to bring US or any other bigger West State to play them to down, which is being carefully executed through the World where Iranian inspired Cabals existed or in tandem with some despots have been enthroned to Power and with the agenda or mandate to undermine or diminish US world potentials to influence or control World affairs, which will adversely affect Israel.

As Iran led Arab Extremists tactically working seriously for one State where Palestine will swallow Israel with its population on the basis of one man one vote and Extremist dreamt for Israel to form with Palestine one Nation Solution,as being nurtured by all Arab Extremists and for this to happened, US or western economic abilities have to be diminished adversely and that is why Iran have tactically planted its groomed Crones into Chinese Communist Oligarchy, back Russian ex KGB Putin, some political Class in most Latin America, in Nigeria Iran have inspired and groomed IBB (Babagidan) led Core North extremists to control Nigeria economy & violence via Boko hara/others, Egyptian Military is being carefully monitored & controlled by Iran as to undermine US/Western investment and other Northern African-Arab off Spring revolution are carefully being tailored or scripted by Iran to weaken US/West, the same happened in Afghanistan & Iraq where US have won the War but Iran used insurgence to rubbish US War investment towards bringing peace and development to Afghanistan & Iraq.

The Greedy/Profiteering Executives of some Western Exploitative Firms should be aware and take tactic precaution against any Despotic or grand Corrupt Plot/Trap State controlled State,which enables its Firm nationalization or to coarse substantial Stakes’ ownership.

Chinese Communist Ruling Oligarchy have perfected Corrupt Tactical Trap and other Profiteering Loophole Strategy as to nationalize some western giant companies or to coarse the involved firm into issuing substantial company’s Stakes through proxies or fronts of those Chinese Communist Ruling Class.

This Corrupt Strategy as exemplified by the Glaxo Smith Kline China branch, where the Chinese Communist Ruling set out corrupt booboo trap was able to catch the Chinese target through, as tactically their planted few Chinese Technocrats who are Communist Party top secret members as the implicated company’s executives who will owe up to the Corrupt practice upon the purported exposure, as to expose the Glaxo Smith Kline foreign executives’ connivance.

The strategy of planting few of its members to play along and to connive with the expectant greedy & gullible western Executives into corrupt enrichment scheme and expose the corrupt crime upon the Crime establishment and corrupt fund usage, as to facilitate the suspects arrest,detention and prosecution, where secret pleading/negotiation and freeing bargaining will occur,which paves to the Chinese Communist Ruling strategy of partially or fully nationalizing the corrupt firm or negotiating for substantial company’s stakes to be owed by the Chinese Communist Ruling Class proxies or Fronts.

The Racial Immigration Outburst/Racial Immigration Remark made by US Rep Steve King, the Spokesman of Anglo Saxon Capitalists/Conservative Industrialist, is typically to create Racial Divide Tension and to portray Obama Administration as incapable, while undermining Racial Harmonious co-existence among US Citizens.

It is unfortunate and against backdrop of History that Core whites who are the big time Drug Barons, are blaming the Blacks,Latinos or other non core whites who as poverty involved in illicit trade,while the Core whites who are the ex-Barons who used other non core whites for their huge trade as trade tool.

Since, some western firms have propensity for short cuts, profiteering and other sharp business practices, which provides the Chinese Government and other despotic Regimes with the tool to nationalize or coarse the stakes’ ownership of western giant firms,once the firms have established business Success, which encourages rapturous or despotic Regime to seek its selfish interest.
The US Republican Candidate: Mitt Romney politically associating with US hatred groups and Republican Extreme Right Groups in using political fallacies without factual relevance to the fact that Chinese have had trade surplus with the US for over 20yrs, with the US Riches mostly Republicans who have shipped US jobs to Asia for cheap labor with its poor environmental regulations for corporate greed, arguments based on non feasible economic jobs creation options, racial politics based on hatred & racial divide.

Using White House insiders to propagate false Swiss code account & framing up case against President Obama and general racial heat up/divide as political tool to woo gullible US people as to win the next US presidential election, will definitely backfire , counterproductive and will not work, as most moderate & reasonable Americans cannot pay such ideas and politics. They will challenge any such foul attempt and reinstall US greatness through oneness and ideas prepare US as to be able to face Nostradamus predication that Persian/modern Iran will acquire nuclear arm with help of Russia and shall use it against Rome, Jew/Israel, southern France and Moscow.

The Republican extreme rights branding President Obama,as socialist is unfortunate and uncalled for,as Obama comprehensive Health Care, was put in place as to provide US with healthy people,which people the US Military with right stock of quality people who will be able to mine various US Military/Security challenges and to protect US investment/interest globally.The taxing US Riches who owes large businesses/investments as to generate resources For the State,which will enable the Military to have sufficient funds for its global operations and care for US citizens at home.

A US comprehensive immigration Policy is very important as the leader of Free World and allow immigrants to know their right of stay and what are obtainable by Law,as well as enable US with its Immigrants live and co-exist harmoniously with Its neighbors/Foreigners. Further details on US Immigration and US Health Care are contained in my website as stated:

It is advisable that apart from the New EU Economic policies formulation and implementation,there should be some serious efforts of restructuring various European little industrialized Countries like, Greece, Italy,Spain Ireland and Portugal whose little industries with its low technological products,were over taken by the China led Asia cheap industrialized goods under its poor non regulated environment. cgi?ID=158850


Mazi Patrick

Mazi literal work is an African literal organization based in writing and international research.
The US Citizenry lives &US resources were used in protecting US interest and Businesses globally,US needs protectionist fees/Tax from US riches.

US resources were used and lost of US Citizenry lives in protecting US interest and Businesses globally,those who have benefited from prototyping or copying US products/services made from US researches,inventions & discoveries which US have spent so much with aged labor,don’t want to give back to US State,shows their hidden immorality and bankruptcy.

US administration should insist on a protectionist fees not tax from US riches who have benefited from prototyping or copying US products/services through their Asian Affiliates.
US riches must assist US State,since US resources and Lives were used to globally protect US interest through diplomacy and military. Despotic Regimes around the world could manhandle or seize US investment or companies,if such investments/interest belongs to non US companies or non US citizens of any little country with no military power/know-how.

These riches must invest in US by contribution/Tax,since State tools are used to guide and protect their huge investments/businesses around the world.or could US Riches image what will happen to their freedom and businesses,if despotic Regimes hold them at ransom,while arguments by Republicans are simply economic ill logic and unwise.

US should formulate some protectionist fees for the US Riches to contribute,since they have shipped US labor/jobs to oversea,due to cheap labor and poor regulatory controls. these goods and services were invented or discovered by US State Efforts,time,aged labor and US resources,which China and others are simply copying or prototyping with their US Shylock businessmen/women for huge profits,leaving US people empty with jobs/wealth for their huge human/material investments, whereas those US citizens who sat for ages in difficult conditions with hard time in laboratories or workshops inventing or researching or discovering products or services for future benefit of all US people at huge cost,without knowing that few greedy people who use such products/services with connivance with China led Asia to amass great wealth for themselves alone .

Mazi Patrick

About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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