The academic arguments with Media agitations over the tagging/labeling or politically describing IBB led Nigeria core North Extremists as being Iran inspired destructive

The academic arguments with Media agitations over the tagging/labeling or politically describing IBB led Nigeria core North Extremists as being Iran inspired destructive with Billionaire, which was attached to him & others as result of their  monumental looting of Nigeria wealth/Treasuries through his foisted and organized or secret  threat  of individuals and corporations as vital tool/channels for his  various looting. 
The recent  chairing of the launching of late Maryam Babagida Foundation in Abuja central Mosque by Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria as publicized by Nigeria Sun Newspaper of August 11th,2012,has assist us to clear all the  academic arguments with Media agitations  and to prove us right, why we who have tagged/labeled or politically described IBB led Nigeria core North Extremists as being Iran inspired destructive IBB led Nigeria core North Extremists,have been cleared  and secretly he with other Extremists practice Shiite  Muslim,  while pretending to the Public as being  Sunni,  since  most Nigerian Muslims  with Emirs are  Sunni.

Since, IBB formed Boko haram violence has succeeded to intimidate or confusedly convince Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan Administration to secretly toe his lines and to nominate some IBB Cronies, in case of any eventuality, as to be able to position IBB for power or to control anybody who will be there.

Nigeria bought over Media with its Nigeria political Elite widely posturing that Almajiri (Northern Masses) were instrumental to the cause and formation of Boko Haram does not make any academic or historical point/sense, since Core North Hegemony led Fulani oligarchy rule and hold Nigeria at ransom from the time of British colonization to present day, while factually negate the North out of afraid that Nigeria Northern Natives could developed and lesser their ability to rule and represent North,as they are acting from minority backgrounds.  

With this, IBB erroneously wanted to close   Boko haram violent organization, will run counterproductive, despite his  top Boko haram ability to  cooperate and provide Nigeria Security with credible security information, otherwise IBB with his Fulani wealthy looting Oligarchy who looted Nigeria with their wealthy being managed by Native Nigerian Cronies  and some foreigners, are prepared to donate or share some reasonable Billions of Dollars to top members of Boko haram who are uncontrollable and unstoppable Kanuri led Northern natives Muslims who whatever means to seek their own shares of the Nigerian Loots being in hands of Northern Fulani Cabals and that is only credible means of stopping ,while Northern Nigeria States will genuinely prepared to settle the lesser members or the foot soldiers of  Boko haram,otherwise we are into time wasting  process.


The recent secret sponsorship of local Efik or Calabar  people to act as bakassi people  and to agitate and to challenge the World Court Judgement and past settlement of Bakassi between Nigeria and Cameroom,in an attempt to seek its reverse, will portray danger for IBB with his  Cronies’ looters whom France could deal with them very decisively, since their loots are stored in French control territories or French Swiss> It is  only unwise people could try toy with France, as historically s France play tough political game,no person can toy with France.



Some secret complaints of Nigeria highly persons that  IBB compulsory secret contribution or IBB/Core North secret alimony of monthly 300 Million Naria by each Nigeria State Governors  have made  State development too difficult to happen, coupled with local State contribution with Governor personal looting, have compounded State development and created an impasse for all.



We are appealing to IBB that since IBB with others have other  means of looting, could they pleased, soften on Governors and to discharge their  Cronies who are parading as State Contractors to leave each State Governor and local Chairmen alone, as to enable Nigeria achieve State/LGA economic activities that attract local people back home, instead of pictorial TV or Newspapers propaganda of State/LGA development being advertized, which has nothing to do with actual development, as economic development attract people, while pictorial TV or Newspapers propaganda do not attract anybody but for election purposes.

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan should try his best to see that IBB controlled Petrol Subsides Fund looting through IBB Cronies, should be returned, as Nigeria cannot afford such ill economic damage and national financial disaster, as this time of national economic Reform and financial restructuring and Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan should be very careful on his acclaimed Sister who is Nigeria Petroleum Minister who with her Husband are core IBB cronies despite her good pretence,as Jonathan closeness could cause Jonathan health and she could assist them to prosecute Jonathan on his retirement.


Mazi Patrick
Strategic Thinker, prophetic literal  Writer & Political Blog Commentator.


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Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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