Ironically,winning US Election with jobs creation falsehood,shall lead to various unprecedented Labor unrest

Ironically,winning US Election with jobs creation falsehood, non factual & non economic balancing of Budget propaganda, and inciting US citizens with non existing Eldorado’s economic fortunes during the campaign, shall lead to various unprecedented Labor unrest, groups’ confrontational Strikes, non trust-able weak Presidential Administration and general political mistrust/apathy, which shall create required chance for Iran to increase its strategic attacks on US.

The recent increase in deadly insurgencies against US led NATO Soldiers and increase in Iranian inspired/ organized Terrorism, is part & parcel of Iran led Agenda to weaken US led NATO and engage US led NATO,while allow the opportunity to be able to build its Atomic Bomb/Nuclear.

Strategic Experts are of opinion that Iraqi,Afghan,Warizitan insurgencies with State political instability like Somalia,Mali Yemen,were being tactical organized and sponsored by Iran Regime with secret assistance of Putin led Russia and Trade profitable crazy China,were strategically designed to discourage US with its western Allies from sponsoring pro-democracy or forestall any further military intervention.

Also this is to discourage US with its western Allies on assisting Arab to democratize and to show that any military intervening like in Iraq, shall not be appreciated by Arab and counterproductive, as Iran has used violent insurgencies to portray Arab non appreciative and lack the real political understanding of great assistance and Arab should be left alone to its Iranian inspired tyrannies.

Some Experts/Thinkers believed and posited that intentionally and strategically to discourage non Core White migration to US, as US jobs with US Corporate Wealth, as investment funding Capitals, were shipped to China/Asia for core white greed and strategy to discourage migration by Core white Industrialists and Conservative Capitalists/wealthy Imperialists.

Since, US is the leader of Free Market Economy/Entrepreneurship,purely driven by Private Sector,while Government with its Agencies regulate.Ironically it is illogical, to expect Obama administration as Govt to create the much needed US jobs, while the Core white Industrialists and Conservative Capitalists/wealthy Imperialists who were behind the problem, were not known or mentioned.But the Obama administration as Govt as Public Sector/Regulator is using Governmental economic tools,Tax for Rich,Reforms and Stimulus to stabilize US Economy and to try to create jobs through the Public controlled institutions, Governmental infrastructures and huge State Capital Projects.

It is up to those Core white Industrialists and Conservative Capitalists/wealthy Imperialists who have intentionally shipped US jobs with US Corporate Wealth, as investment funding Capitals to China/Asia for core white greed and strategy to discourage migration to US ,reverse it and draw up possible economic programs to return the shipped US jobs’ opportunity its creation back to US,which will take time, efforts and real economic programs.

These, have necessitated the lowering of US Commercial/Corporate investments, negate industrial capacity utilization and assisted with non large industrial Capitalization, which were handiwork of Core white Industrialists and Conservative Capitalists/wealthy Imperialists.

The Apple, a US company suing a Samsung a South Korean Company, sounds technically unwise and unfortunate, as Apple Inc, is one the leading US companies that shipped US jobs to China/Asia and permit their associating Asian Firms to prototype, fabricate and copy US products without proper legal arrangement or patent right agreement, while bringing them back to US as Apple components or electronic parts, for final packaging only as made in US. Now, some Asian companies like Samsung have done through back doors and duplicate and copy these products with its technology with the assistance of these US affiliating Firms.

The US Republican Candidate: Mitt Romney politically associating with US hatred groups and Republican Extreme Right Groups in using political fallacies without factual economic relevance to the fact that Chinese have had trade surplus with the US for over 20yrs,where the US Riches mostly Republicans who have shipped US jobs US wealth as their investment funding capitals to Asia for cheap labor with its poor environmental regulations for their corporate greed.The recent arguments based on non feasible economic jobs creation options, racial politics based on hatred & racial divide, using White House insiders as to propagate false Swiss code account ownership & framing up case against President Obama,with an intent to create a general racial heat up/divide as political tool in wooing gullible US people as to win the next US presidential election, will definitely backfire,counterproductive and will not work,as most moderate & reasonable Americans cannot play to such ugly ideas and politics. Time will come when reasonable US citizens will challenge any such foul attempt and reinstall US greatness through oneness and ideas prepare US as to be able to face the Nostradamus predication that Persia/modern Iran will acquire nuclear arm with the help of Russia and shall use it against Rome, Jew/Israel, southern France and Moscow.

The factual relevance of any real economic dynamics that could be proposed and used in creating the US much needed jobs, should be in area of possible US Labor Cost re-negotiation with various Labor groups, working with US Consumers’ Protection groups in accepting of slightly lowering the US goods/services’ quality & standard and working with some concerned on US environmental Regulations,for US to be able to compete with China led Asia, otherwise all displayed political Jobs creation arguments are mere rhetoric without economic grand norms. And wining Election on false campaign, shall possibly repeat such scenario where the French presidential election of 2012 where Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party challenger François Hollande won the French incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy,but he does not fit in properly into the required EU political & economic dynamism of present France int’l status and he is still till today being seen to be gambling or not really fitting into real French presidential roles and plays’ political standards.

The Republican extreme rights branding President Obama,as socialist is unfortunate and uncalled for,as Obama comprehensive Health Care, was put in place as to provide US with healthy people,which people the US Military with right stock of quality people who will be able to mine various US Military/Security challenges and to protect US investment/interest globally.The taxing US Riches who owes large businesses/investments as to generate resources For the State,which will enable the Military to have sufficient funds for its global operations and care for US citizens at home.

A US comprehensive immigration Policy is very important as the leader of Free World and allow immigrants to know their right of stay and what are obtainable by Law,as well as enable US with its Immigrants live and co-exist harmoniously with Its neighbors/Foreigners. Further details on US Immigration and US Health Care are contained in my website as stated:

It is advisable that apart from the New EU Economic policies formulation and implementation,there should be some serious efforts of restructuring various European little industrialized Countries like, Greece, Italy,Spain Ireland and Portugal whose little industries with its low technological products,were over taken by the China led Asia cheap industrialized goods under its poor non regulated environment.


Mazi Patrick

Mazi literal work is an African literal organization based in writing and international research.
The US Citizenry lives &US resources were used in protecting US interest and Businesses globally,US needs protectionist fees/Tax from US riches.

US resources were used and lost of US Citizenry lives in protecting US interest and Businesses globally,those who have benefited from prototyping or copying US products/services made from US researches,inventions & discoveries which US have spent so much with aged labor,don’t want to give back to US State,shows their hidden immorality and bankruptcy.

US administration should insist on a protectionist fees not tax from US riches who have benefited from prototyping or copying US products/services through their Asian Affiliates.
US riches must assist US State,since US resources and Lives were used to globally protect US interest through diplomacy and military. Despotic Regimes around the world could manhandle or seize US investment or companies,if such investments/interest belongs to non US companies or non US citizens of any little country with no military power/know-how.

These riches must invest in US by contribution/Tax,since State tools are used to guide and protect their huge investments/businesses around the world.or could US Riches image what will happen to their freedom and businesses,if despotic Regimes hold them at ransom,while arguments by Republicans are simply economic ill logic and unwise.

US should formulate some protectionist fees for the US Riches to contribute,since they have shipped US labor/jobs to oversea,due to cheap labor and poor regulatory controls. these goods and services were invented or discovered by US State Efforts,time,aged labor and US resources,which China and others are simply copying or prototyping with their US Shylock businessmen/women for huge profits,leaving US people empty with jobs/wealth for their huge human/material investments, whereas those US citizens who sat for ages in difficult conditions with hard time in laboratories or workshops inventing or researching or discovering products or services for future benefit of all US people at huge cost,without knowing that few greedy people who use such products/services with connivance with China led Asia to amass great wealth for themselves alone .

Mazi Patrick


About maziliteralworks

Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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