Nigeria National Assembly continued Probes’ Drama/rhetoric aimed at discrediting/tarnishing PDP/Obasanjo.

Nigeria National Assembly continued Probes’ Drama/rhetoric aimed at discrediting/tarnishing PDP/Obasanjo.

There are persistent efforts by Cabal organized political pressure group to utilize bought over Nigeria Media through his cronies planted as Media Executives and orchestration/melodrama Probes’ propagate Nigeria PDP political Party and Former President Obasanjo as being corrupt and to reduce him with his so called Party to abysmally nothing politically, while this, will enable the hijacking the Governmental machinery by the Cabal with his group but definitely such ill perceived attempt will fail.

The Cabal has infested the Nigeria Polity with his organized Betray, Corrupt boo boo traps, blackmailing and sophisticated timely poisoning/secret killing of people perceived he cannot control. After he nearly destroyed Military with his Betray tactics and boo boo coup trays but the past regime was able to reform military professionally with the required Discipline.

Even Ogun State Gov. Daniel, IBB close ally/crony in concert with the National Assembly Speaker Bankole to carefully package tactically some pressure opposition groups in Ogun State Obasanjo home State, as to move local home people against Obasanjo as not wanted by his people, even in Lagos axis, Former Lagos State Gov. Tinubu, also , IBB close ally/crony to organize strong opposition and anti PDP as corrupt for advancing their political goal come next Poll but it wouldn’t work as more pressure will definitely on Gov. Tinubu on his non completed World bank contracts which were not well executed in Lagos State.

Since the truth will surely prevail, the ramshackle organized TV Drama/Media propaganda portraying how most Abuja lands were only allotted to Obasanjo with his former Executive Officials and Probe alleging Obasanjo with Mallam El Rufai involvement as false, since by the time they push these cases to Court and proper DNA carried on completion Forms/relevant Documents, the finger print will prove who fill and sigh whether, there were done by hired crooks or planted Officials to imprecate Obasanjo with others. These Dramas will not end as Committee expects as other unknown dynamism will evolve above their own imagination.

Careful watching, shows that the Committee is total ignorance how Mallam El Rufai, a first class material, can descent to low to what to do with all his best academic qualifications/experiences, which is second in Northern Nigeria even in the whole Nigeria. Committee members don’t understand the person and character of Mallam El Rufai with his sterling quality, may be, most of the people involved,are barely educated through private arrangement, as people knows how one can graduate in Nigeria with certificate at ease because of educational decay.

Please, it is very important for the cabal, probe committee with their House and presidency to know that the World knows how to obtain valid information from Nigeria, not through Nigeria Media but through their security agencies/Embassies whose information is direct and correct.

The world now is highly developed with too much advance tools for world usage, as those involved are too intelligent with too much experience, as these paraded TV forged documents, cannot hold ground in any decent Court, as DNA will prove that forged documents were Organizational forged, planted into Offices as to be exhumed when necessary for false crime prosecution but probes’ shows are mainly of false political dissemination as to play political gallery. This action of ill intention, will backfire with greater consequences above one’s imagination of committee organizers.

In Abeokuta Town in Nigeria, there is an assumption that Ogun State Gov. Daniel with others tactically lured Iyabo Obasanjo the Daughter of Former President Obasanjo to seek for senatorial seat, as an albeit to use her loop/lack of experience as to implicate and frame her into various legal problems as to weaken and engage Obasanjo mentally and politically.
Even her recent case, where an amount was paid into her/her account by the Cabal organized crime framers without her proper consent but DNA on the paying Slip and will differentiate their purported implication claim if legality technical test is carried.

Internationally, people couldn’t connect why Nigeria endowed with so much educational advantages, with Nigeria political Class thinking and behaving so daft on the perception and in believing Obasanjo as known character and experienced Military man can alone commit so many crime without any visible physical evidence of abundant wealth/business empire, while during his regime he lack such national wide political support as to amass such accused wealth as Cabal tactically used old Politicians to built hatred for Obasanjo.

There is a secret revelation by a close friend that if Obasanjo is so wealthy as accused, why is Obasanjo name not among the Fifty Nigerians listed in CIA Nigeria column List in CIA Black Book or Register.(CIA Black book is the secret gathering of accurate information data base of what really happened in the world that are not meant for public consumption)
Nigerians should very careful not to fool themselves in believing dramas being acted here are consumed by the West as financially every western currency transaction passes through the foreign currency exchange system and records are kept.
In computer worlds, information/data transmitted or computed through where existed a Pentium Chip, is technical accessible if appropriate technology is applied.

The technology made viewing others’ information very easy with some technical applications, Agencies knows what really happened in Nigeria while some gang to resort to quackery as achieve their desired result now, will not last, as real truth will be revealed later.

Mazi Patrick


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Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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