Media Falsehood, Public Gullibility & Political Bankruptcy being employed as tools, to discredit & impeach the Nigeria National Assembly Speaker.

Media Falsehood, Public Gullibility & Political Bankruptcy being employed as tools, to discredit & impeach the Nigeria National Assembly Speaker.
The Dynamics which were employed, in setting up the tramped contract scandal, deceiving National Assembly Principal Staff and the trapping of Speaker Mrs. Patricia Ette, is an organized Mafia typed set up, which its deliberate attempt, is to lop the Speaker into a set up scam and get her impeached, giving for IBB to manourve & manipulate his Candidate as to emerge as the new House Speaker. This, will ultimately paved a leeway for IBB and for other unknown dynamics in re-arranging the polity beyond Yar’dua political abilities, his political Supporters and Nigeria understanding, which will also force Yar’dua to yield more political ground to the Cabal or his refusal, he get it hot as Obasanjo had during his regime.
The new IBB imposed speaker will make sure that people conform with IBB’s directives, or get booted. EFCC Chairman, CBN Governor and other Professionals still serving the Government, will either act as guided or remained Silent while getting their salary with rendering Expertise as required.
The Media falsehood & Frenzy were used to entertain Nigerians while fundamental issues are left unattended to.
According to TV aired Speaker’s interview, she was answering the Assembly Committee their questions, when she asked back if a case as serious as this, which has generated a lot of controversy and up till now, no Principal Staff of National Assembly department in charge of contract awarding, whom have technically signed the scammed contract, has be fired, quizzed and detained by Police or EFCC. Or has anybody informed the Committee that she influenced him or her, or connived in any way to make them without due processes to award any contract., knowing fully well that fact or accurate data, what is paramount to judge a case or Media Falsehood, propaganda and political gang up to discredit and get her impeached.
Secondly, she added that there is a House Committee in charge of overseeing contract award and approving them, and before any contract reaches her Office, all due processes, must have be followed and all designated Signatories must have endorsed before Speaker can sign. If the issue at stake, is scandalous for the Public to be calling for the Speaker to be impeached, but the Police C.I.D.or EFCC has not be invited to fully investigate the contract scam, for the Public to know the truth and prosecute those that are found wanting.
Technically speaking, a contract cannot be awarded without passing through a lot of laid down bureaucratic processes, which involves Experts whom will valuate/ estimate the cost and sign before it is awarded. Where is the National Assembly Experts that must have signed, for contract document to reach Speaker’s Office. Speaker’s signing is not enough to rope her in, as she is not an Valuation or Estate Management that value contract before recommending contract, for it to be awarded.
US and German Government should take note and should be very careful, in how the Cabal allegedly set up scam, will unfold, by which civil societies and Media were deliberately used to invited foreign Journalists to come and cover events unfolding in Niger Delta Area but for them to be set up as saboteurs, which will serve as leeway for IBB connection/ association to negotiate their Release and to pressurize for various and better cooperation/demands from the victim’s home Government.


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