US Democrat’s Win can grant Arab Extremist the opportunity/break for regrouping.

US Democrat’s Win can grant Arab Extremist the opportunity/break for regrouping.

The Outburst of Russian President in Munich Germany, was an Outburst of a Leader sitting on huge Fortune of vast Siberian Oil & Gas deals, although he was maneuvered, orchestrated and induced to perform the Stage Act by carefully tailored French insinuation, Kremlin arrival instigation and Iranian inducement to confront US as to open closed chapter of East/West Block, which serves France as a Cover from potential western political attack and to shield France from western confrontation/Crisis as Western Nations felt betrayed by French backslider.

Could it be a conspiracy or an ordinary coincidence that the 20th January, 2007 the day Mrs. Hilary Clinton was declaring for US presidential bid, is the same US suffered one of their worse casualty. It is advisable for US intelligentsia to carefully study some treads, speeches, events and links/donations of US Politicians and Media to ascertain their sponsors, their motives and intentions, as Arab Extremists led by Iranian Regime with some political strategic ploy by France, secretly is using western Media to their advantage and Oil funding to make sure Democrats win next US presidential Election possibly in favor of Mrs. Clinton as to pave way to secure a strategic break or sometime to be able to regroup them in some manner and to correct their observed technical errors/ lapses, with a come back in 4 or 8 years strongly to handle US with type of violence that submerge US with its Allies. There is a tactic of imposing on US their so called Democrat of weak character, with no sounding knowledgeable person who is highly emotional with naivety to become US President by 2008, as to suit France/ Arab Extremist’s plan and program as to enable them have desired opportunity to better their plan and strategy of future unleashing unimaginable mayhem on US and its Allies.
US should avoid any ignorance or ploy of securing these Extremist any sort of break for regrouping or re-planning, as the best for Bush led regime to continue to press harder and harder as their violent strategy becomes counter productive. It imperative that US should not give in to this plan as all hands must be on decks and avoid their divide and rule system which is part and parcel of their programs as using Democrats is one and other is to use western Media to discredit Bush led Republican Government as the main cause of US problem while secretly Democrats are being used as they are willing tools but little they know that they are using their political ambition of Presidency come 2008, as an avenue of achieving their Agenda.
It is sad that US comparing fighting a terror of Arab Extremists with Vietnam’s war of ideological fighting, which were remotely between US and Russia but nowadays’ war, US has no option of abandoning it as they will follow US back home if they did run away from Iraq, but during the Vietnam war, US was allowed to return home but if the Iraqi war becomes unfinished, it will be completed in US with September 11 incidence becoming child play of what Extremist will unleash unto US.
The recent arrest of Iranians by the Palestinian Fattah group is a clear testimony that Iran is behind various Violence in Arab Region with some arrest made by US Military in Iraq.
People are fooling themselves that diplomatic meeting of Iran and Syria is the best way of solving Violence in Middle East but what was the achievement US former Secretary of State Retired General Powell made when he paid a private visit to Syria/Iran to midwife peace initiation?
Also, French President retrieving of made official statement is another proof that France is secretly behind Iran and Syria which greatly undermined western strategic interest as France is hoping on short term gain which is temporary while Russia sold missiles to Iranians which Iran at latter date, will supply to breaking away Russian Rebels to attack Russians.
The Panic that was created around Boston area of US by people who were hired by Mr. Turner the CEO of CNN, which clearly shown that he may be an Agent to France and Arab Extremists but US intelligent Agency should carefully investigate and closely monitor his activities for more information, even the recent modernization of CNN studio and its Equipments acquisition worldwide is another matter for all to see.
I carefully read his Bio-data but noticed the non inclusion of his past ordeal & brief detention for crude Oil Bunkering with its subsequent release in late 1970s by the Military regime.
The World is simply amazed by melodrama and political gallery displayed by the US Congress, which may be as result of lobby and soft money funding from some Arab Extremists channeled through French links.
In Nigeria, Northern Cabals who are primarily behind political tension or mayhem whom are regarded as Northern ethnic Assets, whom with the collaboration with Southern Cronies used miscreants to vandalize Nigeria National Electricity Power lines/Petroleum pipe lines which has greatly disrupted electricity power supply/petroleum products which has undermined Governmental ability to deliver required services to Nigerians. This, has incited gullible Nigerians against foreign Oil companies and to kidnap and to kill some Oil workers. Evidently as of Today in Nigeria, no serious kidnapping/killing was made towards any French Oil company in Nigeria, why mostly should it be US or British or Italian oil workers?, as it is mostly observed that France remotely aided Nigerian cabals to sponsor Militias n Niger Delta Region to disrupt Oil production, to kidnap, kill Oil workers and to undermine Nigeria Governmental interest. Nigeria is now Militias infested Region with the similarities of Militias menaces like in Congo DRC and Ivory Coast where France is notorious for sponsoring ethic conflict/wars to loot mineral resources and people who are the Militias can enter France without valid traveling document except diamond or Gold/Cash in their pockets. France openly sponsored and armed Militias to overthrow Ivorian legitimate Government, which has divided Ivory Coast into two Regions and created ethnic disharmony/hatred. Charles Taylor an ex Liberian leader with other Sierra Leonean Rebels secretly dealt with France for Diamond or used French links to launder blood money and diamond.
It is becoming apparent for the Western World to caution France or to face western isolation of all their behind the scene poly to attack western strategic interest and other activities of French various political odd jobbers for deals and their involvement in atrocities committed in the World especially in Africa, where national Treasuries were looted and kept in France/French Swiss, which upon the looter’s death, the loot is converted into French National Asset like Mobutu’s loot [ late Zaire President] while similar faith awaits Nigerian notorious Looters, whom France has programmed into various political controversies or to stage Coups until they are killed or detained for their loots to lost and to be converted to French national loots. It is widely /knowledgeably that there are laid down strategy to deny the looters’ heirs any chance of accessing their inherited loots. In Nigeria the France hooking the Looters with some perfected propaganda, had made the Nigerian looters to be very closed with France, which has denied Nigeria the opportunity of the Looters to re-invest their loots through on going privatization and Reforms in Nigeria as France blocked any opportunity of massively investment from their stashed away loots which are kept mostly in France/French Swiss. Ironically, the looters are encouraged secretly by France to continue the looting until death and their Heirs cannot with stand French policy with their laid down tricks which forestall any recovering or repossession by the looters’ heirs.
Banning of Public smoking in France, is purely politically motivated to undermine US interest on Tobacco as well as to reduce US Multinational business and it has nothing to do with health reasons as French health programs are nothing to write home about, as France has never support any meaningful health policy.
It is rather sad that instead of petrol dollars to propel humanely development, create world peace and to enhance good standard of living instead it has created anarchy and Terror/hatred to the world.

Mazi Onigbo


Visibly now, is to convert all Iraqi Militia Groups into Regional Guards, to be managed by US led Coalitions until an Iraqi central security system could be put in place, which must devoid of Iraqi external Bordering Countries’ influences.

After some careful examinations, studies and Researches of the political/Regional Dynamics which are played in Iraq by the bordering Countries’ political
Influences, languages’ similarities, their Islamic Sect Regional Ties/Pressure and the modalities/technicalities of behind scene sponsorship to various Iraqi Militias. It becomes imperative for US Government and its Allies to note, and to add such political inputs into their final decision before it is made.

Secondly, recruiting various Iraqi Militia Groups into some sorts of Regional Guards, which must be trained, administrated and technically managed by President Bush led US Govt. only as the British loyalty is in doubt as Labor Party internal wriggling and polarization, have cause Prime Minister to lack political support as a prime Nation to co-opt properly with US as required. This temporary method of wooing Iraqi ethnic Militia Groups through carrot and stick trick, to woo the all ethnic Militias to form Regional Guards, thereby making them to drop their Arms and to keep them employed temporary and to managed by US controlled Iraqi central security until the time, Iraqi unity is feasible as well as to take their Arms out of their hands while the good ones can be retained and bad ones tactically discharged into other labor jobs.

With this, tactically US and its Allies can pull and stop gradually the sponsorship and sectary influences of Iraqi Militias from Iran, Syria, Saudi even Jordan & Egypt from secretly supporting and sponsoring violent activities in Iraq and to ex Baathist party.



The repatriation of same violence back to the streets/villages of Iran and Syria is the only way to justify the destruction and dead of lives of US Citizens in Iraq by programmed violence orchestrated by the Iranian/Syrian Strategists/ Evil dead Squads through booboo traps, calculated wickedness drama and violent political dead display strategy which is capable to cow Western Nations and drive them back home as failures. It is a known knowledge that this Strategy to continue the violence and continue to kill as many Americans as possible, as this, will provoke US Citizens back Home to force US Military to pull and give the Extremists the needed egotist victory upon which they can control Arabian Moderate Government.

It is now up to US President George Bush not to be cowed by French/Arabian Extremist propaganda/lobbyists whom will like to use the Iraqi Violence to fool US Public on short Strategy of pulling out of Iraqi without the job being properly done with long Strategy for US to have failed in Iraqi. US Intelligentsia must design some methods of paying back Iran and Syria the mayhem they have unleashed on US but it is very dishearten for the US Democrats with US Media to be playing to this ugly political gallery and this misinformation is to the detriments/Risks of US Nationals’ lives, which are made possible by either through  French behind scene programs and utilization of Arabian Oiling lobby which have made the US political Class and US multi Media to dance strategically to their Iranian/Syrian political intention of political dominances/domination.

Some Experts have observed how France has used EAD/Airbus sample to manipulate the Aviation worldwide ,thereby technically distracting and discouraging prospective Aircrafts Buyers/Investors from purchasing or investing in US Aircraft Maker Boeing  and at the same time using EAD to defraud European partners/Governments and investors on gullibility that there is factory facility to massively produce this sampled best prototype Airbus with the best world known facility which has created the worldly know massively ordered Aircrafts by various known Multinational Airline Carriers.

Also, France has technically brainwashed Russian President and Government and portrayed France as best partners they can rely for trusted business but Russia should carefully study the Dynamics of what France played in Congo DRC with world known best minerals’ resources but ironically regarded as poor Nation, as they are interested in huge Russian Oil Potentials.

Mazi Patrick


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Mazi literal work is an African literal Organization based in Political writing and Research in African History/Culture. Mazi Patrick ,Historian,Thinker,Writer & Pyschoanalyst
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