Prof Charles, a successful Economic Academician/University Don but morally bankrupt.

Prof Charles, a successful Economic Academician/University Don but morally bankrupt.

Professor Sunday Charles Chukwuma Soludo, a World Class World Bank Economic Policy Expert, a successful Economic Academician/University Don but morally bankrupt and character wise, unprincipled Academician, whose connivance with IBB & his cronies for Anambra State Governorship ambition, led him to some deal connivance in looting; while in Central bank of Nigeria as to bankroll his political ambition, upon the exit of Obasanjo whose fatherly advice/guide and close monitoring, could not have allowed him to connive with those, who have now misled him politically, as to tarnish his academic credentials and discredit his ability to caution CBN/Nigeria from his retirement.

As to trap Prof Soludo into this political quagmire, IBB henchmen like Dr. Alex Ekweme,Chief Anthony Anineh, Author Eze and others, played  the required roles as to sell Anambra political dummy, ruin his legendary academic ambition and world bank opportunity/chance of working in future for academic/world bank job or intellectual contract, since he has dishonored on principle and trust ,which formed the bases, upon which the World Bank made his Economic academic  recommendation to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, when his Regime was seeking for international assistance on how to reform Nigeria Economy and Nigeria problematic banks. Although, Soludo was able to performed very well as expected by international communities in the Nigeria bank Reform and other national economic policy but on the departure of Obasanjo from Governance, whose achievement songs were song local and internationally, turned around to connive with looters on personal selfish to undermine his worldly recorded achievements and tarnish his future ambition of himself and that of his children and generation to come. His achievements, made me to choose him as my academic mentor and intellectual idol and success song for Igbo people whose integrity was at low elbow but cabal tactically used his evil maverick gimmick and wealthy cronies to fool Soludo and ruin him forever. Sorry Soludo for lost academic opportunity and tarnished characteristic image.

Also, daft which we have observed in Soludo of exposing his looting tactics to the Cabal whom Cabal imposed CBN Governor is still to loot, despite his chartered deceitful CBN Reform, which its reforming, is simply exposing Soludo bank records/ bank balance statements cover ups with his deals in bureau de charge foreign currencies sale and second window account opening without checking the balance in first window, whom Cabal with cronies were major of abusers, while  former MDs foolishly connive as to please the Cabal but they didn’t know that they have sent themselves to jail unwisely.

… to be conted.
Mazi Patrick


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